The beginning of the day... the ascent of the sun above the horizon in the morning... the sunrise ... everyday is a different one. Almost nobody is around, few birds, fresh air, may be some noise of water and nothing else... a calm place. In this section, I gather a subset of sunrises that I took while on holidays in different places that I've visited.
As always the music makes a good context to the images and this time I chose 'Calm places' by Natalie Holmes, who is an amazing singer that I've met while the A&B's acoustic shows during 2016.
Woke up at 5 am... Siem Reap ... in the middle of Cambodia close to the ancient complex of Angkor Wat... took the van with 3 friends, the driver and the tourist guide... everybody was so exciting ... while getting closer to the temples, I checked that everything was working as expected... tripod, lenses, filters and put all in my backpack.
5:45 am ... jumped from the van and walked with some flashlights over a street of stone until the moment the tourist guide said it was the correct spot... lot of people (actually there were more than 200 people) were whispering while waiting the moment...
6:30 am ... and the show began ... the sun started to rise from behind the main temple of Angkor Wat and it reflected on the water ... stunning ... speechless... one of the best sunrises that I've ever seen.
As the years went by, I started to pay more attention to the sunrises... and even though I'm not a meteorologist, I've learnt few things... blue/golden hour ... cirrus clouds ... and so.
Huahine was a small island in the Polynesia and the bungalow was really close to the beach so every day I had the chance to take pictures really early in the morning... the 'bad' thing was that it rained the 4 days we stayed there but the sunrise was there in a different way... it was not in a clear blue sky but with stunning clouds and really nice colours like the below one.
And sometimes you plan everything to take pictures to the sunrises and then you realize that in that place there are no clear sunrises ... like in Panama ... as it's in the direction East-West, there are no sunrises/sunsets on the horizon.
However, the sun in the morning was so gentle that created long shadows on the floor and really warmth colours over the buildings in the beach.
Relax and enjoy the view... and the silence :)
And as a way to finish this section, I left the gorgeous Bora Bora ... even though the sunrises were really cloudy but every morning we woke up early to welcome the sun and feel the energy of the brand new day.
It's interesting that the Polinesian enjoy as much as possible of the sunlight and stay at home after the sun sets ... we followed that rule during those days and it was amazing how many things we could do ... but hey! we were on holidays... there were plenty of time.
I hope you enjoy this section as it's the first one that I built over a particular topic. It may be a little bit 'boring' for almost everybody but the early morning is one of my favourite moments of the day. 
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Thank you!
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