Colonia... Uruguay ... People said that it is one of the most amazing sunset ... it's stunning that the sun sets on the horizon in the 'middle' of the water... people from the whole town comes to the promenade to wait for the moment... a group of people playing 'candombe' it's next to us... the show starts... I've seen countless amount of sunset and each one is different... unique... and the night begins... let's party with 16bit lolitas and "Deep in my soul" while you see some pics from the weekend in Colonia.
Sunset #0407
The sun went down (from the previous image in the series) ... time to rest ... wait! The lighthouse starts its show and the pubs and restaurants get crowded. 'Chivito para dos y una Patricia!' is heard ... A cool sound of chill out music comes from inside and it´s a great reason to stay at that place.
The place close to the lighthouse
The night ended and the day began... the beach was so calm and the sunlight was warm even though it was winter. No need to have something special to feel that it was a unique moment. Just the beach, sun, a good company and some time to take pictures.

Colonia is an excellent place to visit and get some snapshots of old buildings, streets and to have great food and drinks. We spent great time in that small city.
And here I am... back to the road... :-) ... now with all the gear to start over with new pictures, stories and music.
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